We have 5 kg coco peat husk chips briquettes which suites large farming if they apply directly for soil conditioning, animal bedding or they can process to also prevents sunlight from germinating weed seeds.

Application Of The Products

Husk chips block is bulk form of coconut husk chips which used by large scale growers. It is widely used for improve air porosity & water retention capacity in growing medias.We offer 100% Husk Chips Blocks (5kg). These are perfect mixtures and come with more sieve sizes variants. Husk Chips blocks are preferred for growing plants which require good aeration for the roots. These are also organic alternative for perlite and vermiculite.It encourages the faster growth and also allows early seeding and transplanting the certain crops. Mulch stabilize the soil temperature and moisture when the session a progress and it also prevents sunlight from germinating weed seeds.

Mulching: Better Product for Mulching is coco husk chips. It was applied at the stage of growing season and it regularly re-applied if necessary. It serves at first the soil to warm by helping it to retain heat which is left in the night.

Coco Husk chips Blocks are 100% natural Organic growing medium and it is made by cutting coconut huskinto cube shaped pieces. Natural coconut husk is cut in to ½” to 1” inch size and it can be compressed any grade of husk chips according to client requirement. It helps growing media to improve the air Porosity in the medium & Control water retention. They are highly recommended for the germination of high value cash crops.