The Coco Peat Round Discs that we offer are customized as per the requirements of the clients that exactly meet the sizes of pots, etc. Moreover, the coco peat round discs give a good rehydrated yield.

Application Of The Products

Coco peat is packed into discs for use as a seed starting medium. This soilless medium supports healthy root growth while retaining moisture, draining well, and providing good air circulation. Start seeds indoors or out, and place directly into the ground when seedlings are ready. Coir disk made up of coir fiber and coco peat disk made up of coco peat which compressed as disk shape, for the retail sales for indoor and outdoor home garden and small plant, coco fiber disks are made for growing plants to prevent evaporation of water from around the plants in the land, but the coco peat disks are used as pot mixing and filling medium.

Coco peat and coir disk which has been specially treated to give excellent results for a variety of potted plants Ideal for home and commercial hydroponics. Size, Packing, Quality can be customizable according to the customer’s requirement. Environment concerns and biodegradability, for that to turn back the people to nature, create and encourage, a great needy awareness for the optimum utilization of eco-friendly potential natural. To serve the people by protecting people from pollution by promoting environmentally friendly bioproducts. To fulfill the need of establishing. The redefined NATURAL agriculture and “GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY Revolution” Resources viable alternative growing medium to chemicals and peat mass in cultivation. To meet the context of increasing water scarcity due to shrinking water resources.