It consists of plant holes, drip holes and the drainage holes in it. Even we can customize the shape of the planting holes in different forms like circle, square and diamond. We are the best grow bags exporters, gro bag suppliers in Pollachi.
grow bag

Application Of The Products

Open Top Bags are mainly used in poly houses and greenhouse farming. Greenhouses can be used to provide a higher temperature and/or humidity than that which is available in the environment but can also protect crops from, daylight, hotness, hailstones, breezes, and cold waves. It allows fruits and vegetables to be grown-up at times usually considered off period.

In Green House, each factor goes on to be controlled by influencing a crop. The greenhouse is often used in floriculture, nurseries andhorticulture as the financial value of flowers can justify their outflow.

Temperature regions of greenhouses were mainly used in low and high. The greenHouse has had a significant effect on the production, less water utilization, no chance to get affected by wind, Snow, Heavy Rainfall, pest attack, and much more. Coir fiber blend and Coco peat combination lead to excellent drainage property which is suitable for the plants such as strawberry. It’s one the best combination in grow bag when compared to others. It enables excellent root formation and the roots can have a better hold on coco husk chip which is a better grip for the plants to grow. Coco peat & coco husk chips are blended grow bags.